This is the 5th Year of the Help for Heroes Banger Run and below is a list of FAQs.

 What is the Banger Run all about?

The Banger Run is all about a group of people completeing a challenge, raising money for H4H and having fun doing it. There will be some seriously long days driving on some serious roads, this is not a holiday. It is however an adventure for an amazing cause!

How much will it cost?

There is a registration fee of £175 for each team, this pays for all accommodation, maps, merchandise and admin work by the lead team. As a non-profit, non-earning event, any money leftover from this fee is donated to the organisers chosen charity; The British Legion or pays for meals and accomodation for everyone on the last night. The car is bought by the team and cannot cost more than £250. Other cost’s to the team are ferry crossing (50% discount from DFDS), toll roads (the route is planned to avoid as many as possible), fuel, breakdown cover and insurance. With a team of 3-4 you are looking at approx £250-300pp for the run. There are ways of lowering your costs such as approaching local sponsors for equipment or a cheap car/mot/tyres/tools etc.

What do we get for joining?

Your registration fee covers accomodation on each night at a great discount and a meal on the last night. You will also get a t-shirt each (extra t-shirts available at cost on request), a goody bag with lots of different bits to help you on the run and a detailed route plan. We do not make any money out of the run and any left over will be used towards the participants of the event (drinks on last night) or donated to H4H situation depending.

There are also prizes, see further down this page.

How do I join?

Click on the ‘Apply’ link on the homepage, fill in your details and submit it to us.  We will reply with an payment request and once we receive your entry fee, your in and your team will appear on the website!

Who can join the Run?

Anyone over 17  can join the run. Due to the nature of the H4H charity we get a lot of military interest but alot of the general public love to come along too. Your team can be all military, all civillian or a bit of both, it’s up to you!

How much money do the teams have to raise?

A minimum of £500 is expected per team, however many teams over the years have raised over £1000 with ease. As a group of 30 teams we aim to raise £50,000.  We will check your just giving pages the night before we leave to make sure you have achieved the minimum before taking part.

Can we get our own sponsors?

You  can also approach any firm you wish to provide parts for your car, breakdown cover or anything else you need for the Run. In the past some teams have bought scrap value cars for £1 on the condition they are returned after the run. Be as pro-active/jammy as you like.  For public sponsorshp you can do anything like sign the car, cake sales and bucket rattling in your local town.  Just make sure you have authorisation from the local council first.

Can we have our sponsors on your website?

The sponsors listed on the website are those that have offered/gifted items/services to all participants on the run one way or another. We can however add them onto your team profile.

Is there breakdown assistance on the run?

There is no breakdown assistance on the run, all teams are advised to have EU breakdown cover and basic tools in their car.  The route is designed so that you can cut corners if you get delayed and catch up with the rest of the teams easily. If your car is declared clinically dead and you want to continue the run you can jump in with others if they have room or hire a car to complete the run.

What do we do after the run, considering we finish near Lake Como?

The beauty of finishing near Lake Como on day 4 is that you can either choose to stay in Europe for a few more nights and see the sights or drive north and get a ferry back the next day, it’s up to your team!

If you want to fly back you can do but please make sure you dispose of the car appropriately as per the rules. See “The Rules”.

So how is it a challenge??

Each day involves approx 6-8 hours driving an old banger along some of the most challenging roads in Europe. This time isnt including stops along the way. It isn’t always the most comfortable (thinks back to 4 people and kit in a soft top Mk 1 Mustang in 2010) and there is a lot of navigation involved to prevent arriving at the campsite in the dark! Also, the temperatures tend to be high and the roads tend to be a real challenge for the cars, especially through the Alps. You will need to work as a team and adapt and overcome problems along the way.

How many can be in a team?

Team numbers are solely limited to the seats in your car, if you have space for 7 then go for it! The only consideration is that you will have quite a lot of kit and we are driving in some mountaious regions.

What do you mean, the car can cost no more than £250?

The car can be bought for £250 or less in any state (ie. no MOT and lots of work needed or bought £250 on the road). If a car is donated to you at no cost or you choose to take your own then it must be to the value of approx £250. We aren’t going to check but the run is meant to be a challenge, not a pleasure cruise round europe. If you need help finding a car then join the facebook group and ask about, we often have several people offering taxed and MOT’d cars for £250!

How many teams can go on the run?

Due to the size of the campsites we are using we have capped this year’s run at 30 teams. If we find bigger campsites and have more demand we can look to increase this.

Where will we stay on the run?

The run will be accomodated at campsites along the way. If you do  not fancy a night under canvas then there is usally a Hotel nearby which you will have to sort but it isn’t really in the spirit of the run.

Do you all drive in a convoy, snarling up every road you go on?

As the question above alludes to, no we don’t. We will leave the start point as one but inevitably some people like to express their BHP a bit more than others. The beauty of the run is that there is the possiblity of waking up early, taking it steady and seeing the sights or having a lie in and “gunning it” to the next campsite. The route has lots of corners that can be cut too and if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for tolls, you could have time to stop off at a lot of places along the way.

But if my car commits suicide along the way, won’t we be split up and therefore I am stranded?

We will give out the contact details for every team at the start of the run, if you get into trouble you can give the team closest to you a ring and ask for help. The organisers plan to never leave a team behind and will endeavour to help you out.

Are there prizes like last year?

This year there will be prizes based around the effort put in to decorating the car and amount of money raised. To win these prizes you will have to put maximum effort into decorating your car and raising cash for this amazing charity! The amount and quality of prizes all depends on the sponsors we get on board.

So we managed to do the run and get back to the UK, what do we do with the car now?

You have several options.   1. You can keep hold of the banger that you have grown to trust and love, and commute with it on a daily basis/use it as a run around until the Banger Run 2015.   2. You can sell it and put the money towards Help for Heroes/back in your pockets. 3. You can keep hold of it and publisise it’s amazingness on the Banger Run Facebook group hoping to get a buyer. 4. Many other endless options

So we have paid our money and are officially on the Banger Run. What do we do until the start?

You start fund raising and get your team car sorted. You need to raise a minimum of £500 which takes effort and you should be aiming to raise £1000+. You will recieve T-Shirts at the start of the run but you may want to sort your own team ones out. Keep checking your emails for latest deals/offers and information that Banger HQ send out. We will then see you at the start point!

More Questions?

If you have more question then please fill in the contact us form on the homepage or better still, join the Facebook group.